jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

Stop the deathtrap at the EU borders!

Dear friends,
every month hundreds of migrants and refugees lose their lives whilst attempting to reach European shores. These tragedies are taking place right under our eyes. Germany and other European countries react towards those seeking protection with arms and deterrents.

PRO ASYL therefore wants to spread the appeal ‘Stop the deathtrap at the EU borders’, in collaboration with many other organisations and prominent individuals in Germany and Europe. It will be presented to the European Parliament on Human Rights Day, 10 December 2008.

We invite and urge you to support the demands:
Stop the deathtrap at the EU borders! FRONTEX activities which violate human rights must cease!
Human life must be saved. If someone is in danger of drowning before our eyes, we must help.
Refugees must be protected. Access to fair asylum procedures in Europe must be guaranteed. The Geneva Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights must be upheld.

You can help by collecting signatures and forward the appeal to organisations and individuals that show support for human rights of refugees. For further information and the possibility to sign online see: www.stop-the-deathtrap.eu.

You can return the document directly to PRO ASYL, either by post: PRO ASYL, P.O. Box 160624, 60069 Frankfurt, Germany or by fax: 0049-(0)69/230650 or by e-mail: europe@proasyl.de.

We hope you will show your support for this cause.

Yours sincerely,
Günter Burkhardt
General Secretary